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HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap v4, JavaScript, jQuery, Gulp

Who am I

I'm Laszlo, a 36 year old self-taught Front-End Developer. I'm passionate to learn and build upon my existing skills in modern web technologies and excited to work with new libraries and frameworks. Through my time studying a Udacity Nanodegree I have built up a knowledge of HTML5 Canvas, libraries, APIs and frameworks. I now feel ready to start my career as a Junior Front-End Developer. Please browse through my site and check-out my GitHub repositories.

My Skills

HTML5 Canvas
Knockout JS
  • Front-End Web Developer Nanodegree Program

    May 2017 - Aug 2017

    A Nanodegree program is an innovative curriculum path that is outcome-based and career-oriented. Every program has a clear end-goal, and the ideal path to get you there. Courses are built with industry leaders like Google, AT&T, and Facebook, and are taught by leading subject matter experts. Students benefit from personalized mentoring and project-review throughout, and have regular access to instructors and course managers through moderated forums.

  • Advanced JavaScript: A Course for Serious Programmers

    Oct 2015

    This course will show you how to fully utilize everything that JavaScript has to offer. You'llstyles essentially go "under the hood" of this popular programming language, getting to know how it works from the inside, so that you can make the most of it for every web development project.

  • JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts

    Sep 2015

    In this course you will gain a deep understanding of Javascript, learn how Javascript works under the hood, and how that knowledge helps you avoid common pitfalls and drastically improve your ability to debug problems. You will find clarity in the parts that others, even experienced coders, may find weird, odd, and at times incomprehensible. You'll learn the beauty and deceptive power of this language that is at the forefront of modern software development today.

  • Learning Object-Oriented JavaScript

    Sep 2015

    This course will help you change some common coding practices and empower you by giving you the tools you need for more efficient development.

Project - Build a Portfolio

Developed a personal portfolio page using HTML, CSS, and the Bootstrap framework. The page is fully responsive and works on mobile, tablet, and desktop browsers."

Project - Online Resume

Using jQuery, developed an interactive resume application that reads all data from a JSON file and then dynamically modifies the DOM to display the information. Further customized the project by personalizing the design using CSS.

Project - Classic Arcade Game Clone

An HTML5 Canvas powered video game, developed using the best practices in Object Oriented JavaScript.

Project - Website Optimization

Optimized an inefficient web application's JavaScript, CSS and assets delivery, ensuring it runs at 60fps and achieves a PageSpeed score of at least 90.

Project - Neighborhood Map

A single-page web application, built using the Knockout framework, that displays a Google Map of an area and various points of interest. Users can search all included landmarks and, when selected, additional information about a landmark is presented from the FourSquare and Wikipedia APIs.

Project - Feed Reader Testing

Wrote comprehensive unit tests, using the Jasmine testing framework, for an RSS Feed Reader application that uses Google's RSS API.

Website - LAST40 mockup